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DHL won't really be competing with automakers, but sort of.

What started as a project could upset the delivery industry.

DHL's Global Forwarding division has joined the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) SmartWay Transport Partnership. SmartWay is a collaboration between the EPA and the freight industry that was created back in 2004 with the aim of significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.

Goodyear has announced that it has joined the EPA's Smartway Transport partnership. Smartway is a program aimed at reducing pollution from road freight transport and offers low-cost loans to make it easy for those in the truck industry to install fuel efficiency devices such as low-rolling resistance tires or to certify new vehicles as fuel-efficient. Goodyear also stated that its Fuel Max Line line of tires can reduce fuel consumption by four percent. By using these tires and other Smartway-cer

The EPA and Accion (a non-profit organisation in New York and New Jersey) have created a partnership to provide long-haul truckers with microloans with special conditions. The agreement comes under EPA's SmartWay program, which aims to reduce pollution generated by road freight.

We're not unfamiliar with the trouble with emissions spewing out of idling diesel vehicles here on AutoblogGreen, but I personally don't know much about what's being done on the technological side to halt this oh-so-common pollution source. So yesterday morning I headed over to the Rest Assured: Idle Reduction Technology Saves Money While You Sleep session at the AFVI Show and found out that there's a lot being done to make driving a truck (or school buses) a much cleaner business. A lot of this

There is most certainly an environmental trucker movement out there. Just ask Willie Nelson or Carl Cornelius. Sure, these biodiesel advocates can couch their arguments in terms of the American farmer or energy independence, but reduced CO2 emissions are reduced CO2 emissions. And the EPA knows it.