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Technology is about to fog your car's windows — with ads

Windows could soon turn into a lucrative entertainment 'fifth screen'

They could soon turn into a lucrative entertainment 'fifth screen'

Nissan armrest puts your smartphone in a cone of silence

A built-in Faraday cage blocks all incoming connections.

19th-century technology in a Nissan Juke.

Near-field communications with tap-to-pair phones coming to cars

Expect to find Near-Field Communications (NFC) in your next new car if you're planning on buying one in a few years. If you have kids who play with Disney Infinity, you're already somewhat familiar with the technology that allows nearby devices to talk to each other. Apple is already giving the tech a big push with Apple Pay, and the electronics are only expected to grow in acceptance from there.

Continental's digital key for EV carsharing points to a new way forward

Electric vehicle carsharing is getting major buy-in from Zipcar, Car2go, and others. What about EV owners? Automotive supplier Continental thinks there's a technology tha

PlugShare finds most EV drivers go 1,050 miles on $30/month

The average EV user drives 1,050 miles per month and spends around $30 dollars in charging costs, saves around $75 per month in fuel costs and sheds 360 pounds of CO2 emissions compared to "regular" drivers. Want to know the top three electric vehicle-ready cities in North America? Portland, Dallas, and Nashville.

MIT, Princeton find smartphones can improve fuel efficiency by 20 percent

In July, at the Association for Computing Machinery MobiSys conference, research teams from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Princeton University took home an award for a fuel-saving system in cars that relies on dash-mounted smartphones.

Hyundai and Samsung considering partnership to bring tablets to cars

According to reports coming out of South Korea, Hyundai is in talks with Samsung to develop a next-generation connectivity system that could allow tablets to be fully integrated into its cars by 2013.

Google Android could soon be powering GM's OnStar, Volt connectivity

Chris Preuss, CEO of General Motors' OnStar division, recently revealed that the telematics system would be relaunching this summer with a bunch of new functionality courtesy of an unannounced partner. It now looks like that partner may be Google with its Android mobile operating system. Earlier today, analyst Jim Hall earlier told Auto