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One of the biggest questions to consider with tiny cars like the Smart ForTwo is what happens in a crash? The Smart is only eight and a half feet long. The first generation Smart has been tested numerous times over the years and always done reasonably well especially in comparison to other really small and even some considerably larger cars. When the feds tested it recently for the official test it did fairly well with scores of 4 and 3 stars for driver and passenger frontal protection. There wa

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By now, you are aware that for the first time since it was introduced, smart will be bringing their diminutive ForTwo to U.S. shores in nearly no time at all. In fact, sales so far have been rather brisk. One might wonder, though, if buyers had the choice for a bit more power and finesse if they might take it. While nobody is likely to confuse it for a sportscar, BRABUS has taken the new ForTwo model and massaged it as they did with the last. This time, the 1.0 liter three-cylinder engine is up

We just shared with you earlier today a news item that SmartUSA will be trekking across the United States, coast to coast, to show off their new Smart FourTwo that will be available to U.S. consumers for the first time next year. Now, we get news that 12,600 deposits of $99 have already been placed for the diminutive little machine, and the tour hasn't even started yet! With three-quarters of the expected total allotment for the year already spoken for, if you want one and still have not put any