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Recently it was revealed that a Chinese car-maker, Shandong Huoyun Electromobile Co., was building a two seat electric car that bore an uncanny resemblance to the Smart ForTwo. When DaimlerChrysler heard about it, they weren't too thrilled and started to make noises about legal action. Production of the car started in Shandong in August, but was suspended in October. The Chinese company has decided to redesign the car to avoid legal action. The City Spirit, as it was called, was apparently desig

CarScoop has the first photos of the new 2008 Smart ForTwo. This is the first major re-work to the Smart since it's 1998 introduction, but at a glance it looks much like the current model. The car is slightly larger, and has an upgraded interior. The overall layout remains the same with the engine laying on it's side between the rear wheels and driving those wheels. The main visual difference - very subtle - is at the front where it has been changed to meet the new European pedestrian protection