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First electric Smart ForTwo goes to Coventry city council

The first of a fleet of 100 battery-powered Smart ForTwos that will be field tested in England over the next couple of years has been delivered. The Coventry City Council took delivery of the electric Smart on Dec. 21. The car will be used in the city fleet to evaluate its real world performance and range. Coventry will be using only renewable sources to recharge the electric Smart which is being leased from Daimler. The electric Smart has a 30kW electric motor which can get the car to 30mph in

Most Mercedes-Benz Frankfurt alternative fuel vehicles will see production

Last week in Frankfurt, Mercedes-Benz showed off a flurry of alternative fuel and drive vehicles of various types. Of the eighteen vehicles shown, seventeen of them will be in production by 2010 with at least a half dozen of those coming to the US market. The only one that won't hit the streets by the end of the decade is the HCCI engined F700 concept. All the rest of the assorted