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Electric Smart possibly spotted at Tesla HQ!

It's beginning to appear more and more likely that my previous speculation about the nature of the relationship between Tesla Motors and Daimler may have been accurate. In a Fox Business News interview with Tesla CEO Elon Musk in June, he mentioned the company has deal of some kind with the parent company of Smart and Mercedes-Benz. Since then Sam Abuelsamid

Zytek drivetrain will power the new SMART EV

And now for a little look inside the recently announced the SMART EV. DaimlerChrysler's tiny SMART EV will be powered by an electric drivetrain developed by British company Zytek. The drivetrain uses rare-earth magnet technology, a DC motor, and regenerative braking system for a claimed range of 72 miles. The maximum speed of the SMART EV will be electronically limited to 70 mph. Zytek claims the SMART EV "provides all the safety features and dynamic ability

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