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Mahindra's new truck searching for new name

Considering how slow change tends to come in the compact truck market, perhaps the domestic automakers should feel a mild quaking in their collective boots over the impending arrival of Mahindra's new diesel-powered pickup. We can at least be sure that one of the Big

Mahindra's diesel pickup drops 'Appalachian' name

While it might not be the prettiest girl at the prom, we're still extremely intrigued by Mahindra's upcoming diesel pickup for the American market. Up until today, we've been referring to the new truck as the Appalachian, though reports now indicate that it will drop that moniker. Apparently, the Indian company wants to highlight its own name in an effort to build some much-needed brand r

Jim Press: little trucks could be big

click above for more pics of the 2002 Dodge M80 Concept

2010 Scion xP - the 'P' stands for Pickup

Though the launch of Toyota's new full-size Tundra pickup has been a rocky one, the Japanese juggernaut is taking notes, learning on the fly and will undoubtedly not make the same mistakes twic