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The trend continues: people want smaller cars, not compromises

It's a common question these days: can you live with a tiny car? For a growing number of people, the answer is yes, but they're not always ready to make the lifestyle adjustments to get the benefits of lower gas usage (and cost) of using the right tool for the job. According to an Omnibus Study recently conducted by Morpace, Inc., a full 62 percent of consumers think their next vehicle will be smaller than what th

Toyota believes it has higher iQ

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Study projects that small cars will be the biggest segment in the coming years

If you have €1,000 burning a hole in your pocket you could pick up a copy of a new report from Research and Markets about the future of the car market. Or you could look at the rising price of oil, traffic patterns in places like New Delhi and Beijing and come to the same conclusions yourself. The study projects that small cars will lead the global car market in the next decade. Given that sales in North America have been stagnant for several years and likely to remain so for the foreseeabl