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Japan's production of small cars down 30.3% for November

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General Motors will build new small car in idled U.S. factory

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Mulally remains committed to Ford small car strategy despite low gas prices

Even though gasoline prices are down to almost $2 per gallon around here as election day approaches, Ford CEO Alan Mulally apparently doesn't think the current situation will last. Mulally told Automotive News that the Dearborn automaker is staying the course on its plan to introduce a half dozen new smaller vehicles in the U.S. market in the next couple of years. The respite in fuel prices may give Ford some breathing space on the launch of its new F-150 pickup truck. Last week the company anno

Ford may announce plans to retool truck plants for small cars this week

While General Motors recently announced plans to shutter four factories that had been building pickup trucks and SUVs, Ford may announce as soon as this week plans to shift some of its own truck plants to building smaller cars. Ford already decided that a Mexican plant that currently builds F-series pickups will be the source of the new Fiesta mini-car in early 2010. The second quarter results call on Thursday may bring more information on other truck plants that will build the next generation F

Carmakers struggle to keep up with demand for small cars

In a particularly bleak sales month in June, there were some surprising numbers hidden deep in the sales reports. A month ago, sales of small cars like the Honda Civic, Ford Focus and Toyota Corolla all had record sales. All three of those cars had major drops in June, even though gas prices continued to rise above $4 a gallon. The main reason sales of those and other cars - including hybrids - dropped is that there simply aren't enough available. In general, car dealers try to keep about a 60-d