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Mulally remains committed to Ford small car strategy despite low gas prices

Even though gasoline prices are down to almost $2 per gallon around here as election day approaches, Ford CEO Alan Mulally apparently doesn't think the current situation will last. Mulally told Automotive News that the Dearborn automaker is staying the course on its plan to introduce a half dozen new smaller vehicles in the U.S. market in the next couple of years. The respite in fuel prices may give Ford some breathing space on the launch of its new F-150 pickup truck. Last week the company anno

Small cars, hybrids more expensive to insure

If your goal is to do nothing more than cutting down your petroleum usage for either political or environmental reasons, a small car or hybrid seems to be the way to go. If your desire is solely to save money, there are many more costs to factor into your decision. One of them is insurance, as a recent study suggests that small cars and hybrids are considerably more expensive to insure on average than their larger and hungrier

Small cars can be safe. Just ask Nick Chambers

Worried that the trend towards smaller cars in the United States is going to result in more injuries? It's a rational concern, especially for those who are used to driving in full-size cars, trucks and SUVs and are normally surrounded by two or more tons of metal. But, light weight does not necessarily mean that a car isn't safe. Proving this once again is Nick Chambers, a blogger for Gas 2.0 who i

Chrysler may be teaming up with China's Great Wall for small car

Chrysler's much ballyhooed deal with China's Chery Motors to build small cars hasn't yielded much of value for the Auburn Hills manufacturer yet. Chrysler offers a Dodge-branded version of the Chery A1 in South America, but no new cars have emerged yet. It looks like Chrysler may now be working with a new Chinese partner to build an A-segment car. Great Wall has been better known up to now for building cars with a startling resemblance to models from other manufacturers, such as the first genera

Paris 2008: Chevrolet Cruze meets an eager Europe

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Honda considering offering JDM models in the U.S.

Much attention has been paid to Ford's decision to bring six Euro Fords over to the States, but the Blue Oval isn't the only automaker that has good looking, fuel efficient vehicles overseas. Honda has a variety of petrol-sipping vehicles in its Japanese home market, and is now studying whether those are worth selling here in the U.S. The Japan-to-U.S. formula has already worked wel

Nardelli: New fuel efficient model might be out next year

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GM hopes to make more money on smaller cars

The General, along with the rest of the American automakers, has a long established history of making the most profits from the largest vehicles. Small cars from the Detroit 3 have therefore fallen way behind the imports when it comes to desirability. GM Global Design Chief Ed Welburn went so far as to say, "In North America, we never did a good small car." Ouch. Instead, all the best designs come from overseas, which GM has plenty of experience in. "Today, we are able to draw on resources of de

GM's Plan: Small cars making a big profit

GM currently owns about 13% of the small car market. With demand for small vehicles increasing with the price of black gold, GM is out to increase that market share. Nevertheless, even if it doesn't increase its share, it plans to make more money off of each small car sold. How? By raising the price, naturally.

Auto Week recommends the four cylinder engine

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Toyota believes it has higher iQ

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Study commissioned by Land Rover finds small cars are bad for the environment

Starting February, small cars will be exempt from the London congestion charge, a priviledge currently only accorded to electric, biofuel and hybrids. A study by the Centre for Economics and Business Research commissioned by Land Rover found this could result in more cars (up to 10,000 more) entering London and increased pollution in the city. You see, sales of smal

Will Americans fit into small cars?

The Wall Street Journal just wrote an article asking if coupes are making a come back. Coupes are small, two seat cars (sometimes 2+2). Over the summer, the Journal told us that the last 12 months made up the "year of the crossover." Crossover vehicles are an SUV's body styling on a car frame. Today, I read in the USA Today, car makers are

Small cars to be big part of Ford comeback

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Ford merges B-Car teams into one global team out of Europe

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Die, Die, Die! - Things that should be euthanized in 2007

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