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var digg_url = 'http://digg.com/hardware/Real_life_Transformer_Lincoln_with_disappearing_door'; From the outside, it looks like a normal 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII, but with shaved door handles. The reason the handles are gone becomes evident when the window rolls down and the door slides down and under the car, creating a large opening for easy entry and exit. According to the vehicle description at RonSusser.com, the car was created by Joalto Design, Inc. at the behest of FoMoCo execs concerned

What's $7 when a child's life might be at stake? That's the apparent message from the NHTSA to carmakers that build vehicles with sliding doors -- basically minivans. On Tuesday the NHTSA announced that these types of vehicles will now require a secondary latch to help prevent sliding doors from popping open in an accident and potentially expelling occupants. Nearly half of the 1.4 million vans sold in 2003 would be affected. Statistics on unbelted motorists being ejected from a vehicle are cite