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The Škoda Fabia, introduced at the Geneva Motor Show last month, now has a price tag. The low-end kicks off at £7,990 and the numbers climb all the way to £13,015 depending on the trim and engine levels. Some diesel versions cost less than higher end petrols, but the diesel surcharge is in full effect. More info on the vehicle's specs were also released by Škoda, and we already knew it would fall into the decent low emissions side of things with 120 grams of CO2 emitted

Škoda' introduced a Fabia Hatchback at the Geneva Motor Show, and the cleanest versions of this new addition to the Škoda lineup emit just 120 g/km. As expected, Škoda is offering the Fabia Hatchback with both diesel and petrol engines. Why do automakers, European automakers in particular, offer two types of engines? Choice is the obvious free market answer, and to help consumers make better decisions, Škoda released a little petrol versus diesel cheat sheet, which I'

Back in early February, the chief executive of the UK's SMMT, Christopher Macgowan, responded to the European Commission's proposal to reduce CO2 emissions across the union (in part by making the average CO2 vehicle emission be 120 grams per kilometer driving) by saying, "We have also already produced and brought to market cars that can meet the 120g/km limit – the problem is that motorists do not buy them!"