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If you live in Sioux Falls, today's your lucky day. Allstate Insurance is going to buy residents of the South Dakota city a free tank of gas for being the safest drivers in the country. The second annual Allstate America's Best Drivers Report has been released and the residents of Sioux Falls were found to experience a traffic accident once every 13.7 years on average. The national average for a city is one accident every 10 years. This means Sioux Falls residents are 27.2% less likely to bump f

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, population 137,000, has been named by Allstate Insurance as the safest city for driving in the nation. A motorist in Sioux Falls experiences an accident once every 14.3 years, which is significantly longer than the national average of one every 10 years. Allstate credits the city's sensibly laid out streets and strong traffic enforcement for the high marks, although local residents interviewed in the linked article say busy teenagers and cell phone users are already th