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Enormous Sinkhole Opens In Detroit Street

Chasm was big enough to swallow two cars

A sinkhole large enough to swallow two cars opened up during routine maintenance on a street in Detroit on Friday.

Was the Corvette Museum sinkhole a conspiracy? This guy thinks so

About a month ago, tragedy struck the National Corvette Museum when a sinkhole opened up underneath the facility, swallowing eight cars and causing tons of carnage in the process. We saw it all on video, learned Steven J. Ewing

Watch the sinkhole work get underway at the National Corvette Museum [UPDATE]

Recovery and reconstruction efforts at the National Corvette Museum are moving forward on schedule since a sinkhole erupted in the middle of the museum's Skydome about two weeks ago. As of a few days ago, a crane was in place on a reinforced portion of floor to begin lifting the rare copies of America's favorite sports car from the Earth.

Sinkhole Swallows Car During Hit And Run

Woman hits pedestrian then hits fire hydrant during get away

A Florida woman ran over a pedestrian and hit a fire hydrant Monday causing a sinkhole to open up and swallow a nearby car, The Sun Sentinel reported.

National Corvette Museum to display sinkhole-damaged cars before restoration

If you've been following the news from Bowling Green, you know all about the sinkhole that opened up underneath the National Corvette Museum on February 12 and swallowed eight cars whole. You'll also know that officials have a plan in place to extract the cars from the ground and send them to Noah Joseph

How the National Corvette Museum will extract cars from the sinkhole

The rescue of the eight Corvette display cars that were eaten by a sinkhole at the National Corvette Museum last week has begun. Unfortunately, two of the cars are so thoroughly buried in soil and debris that they have not yet been seen. At least a geologist on scene says that he has not seen any further movement in the cars since the Earth consumed them

Florida couple drives 13 hours to see their Corvette in museum sinkhole

It wasn't any easy thing for any Corvette enthusiast to see, but the sinkhole that appeared last week at the National Corvette Museum tore a hole of its own in the hearts of Kevin and Linda Helmintoller. That's because their car was one of the eight Vettes that was sucked into the pit in Bowling Green. So rather than sit at home in Tampa, they drove 13 hours from Florid

Chevrolet To Oversee Restoring Sinkhole Corvettes

General Motors will manage painstaking work to repair 8 prize vehicles

What Mother Earth devoured, Chevrolet plans to resurrect. The carmaker said Thursday it will oversee restoration of the classic cars swallowed by a huge sinkhole beneath the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky.

Corvette Museum sinkhole repair timeline outline, Chevy to restore damaged cars

The eight cars swallowed up when a sinkhole erupted in the middle of the National Corvette Museum earlier this week will be sent to General Motors Design's Mechanical Assembly, which handles restorations for the GM Heritage Collection, in Warren, MI for full restorations. Vice P

Security camera captures National Corvette Museum sinkhole as it forms [UPDATE]

New Videos Also Survey Destruction With R/C Helicopter

If you've been with us all day, you know that the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY was struck by a sinkhole early this morning. The sinkhole, which formed under the museum's well-known Skydome, swallowed up eight cars on display and caused untold dollars in damage. We've shown you the early photos, we've Chris Paukert

Sinkhole 'erupts' inside National Corvette Museum [UPDATE]

A 40-foot sinkhole developed inside the National Corvette Museum overnight in Bowling Green, KY, swallowing up eight vehicles, including two Corvette models on loan from General Motors. No one was in the museum at the time of the incident, which happened early this morning.

Car Falls Into Sinkhole In Oklahoma City

The driver had just purchased her car a month before it fell in the hole

This story may make you think twice about driving through a puddle: A driver in Oklahoma City who thought she was just driving through some wet road ended up climbing out the back window of her car after the car fell into a sinkhole.

Chicago sinkhole swallows three cars, injures one person [w/video]

Residents in Chicago's south side had a scare after a 40-foot-wide sinkhole opened up at 96th and Houston this morning. Two cars were immediately consumed by the void and a third fell in shortly after firefighters arrived on the scene, according to The Huffington Post. One pedestrian also fell in and suffered mild injuries. Chicago has seen over five inches of rain fall in less than 24 hours, saturating the ground and causing extensiv

Uncommon Workplace Hazards: Fire truck falls into Valley Village sinkhole

First the good news: no one was hurt or injured. Now the bad: the halfway submerged fire truck you see attempting to be rescued was responding to a 911 call about flooding when a sinkhole opened up and partially swallowed it. All four of the crew members managed to safely exit the vehicle, but can you imagine? Like the (very annoying) sinkhole around Coldwater Canyon three days earlier, this one was caused by a busted water main. In other words, Los Angeles is crumbling from the bottom up. No wo

Ukraine lays claim to the mother of all potholes

Click above for a gallery of the VW Golf that was swallowed by a pothole in Ukraine

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