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Caption Contest: Sinclair C5 EV is a Segway for the even lazier

What you're looking at is a 1985 photo of the Sinclair C5, a titchy electrically motivated trike of which 12,000(!) were reportedly sold. We stumbled across this gem of an image, and after your enthusiastic response to yesterday's Roller at Wal-Mart snapshot (over 200 captions at last count), we've decided to go to the well again.

Jet-powered trike for sale proves Darwin's point

There's obviously something in the air lately. It seems just about everybody is trying to find a way to strap a jet engine to themselves or their car. A VW New Beetle, Toyota MR2 or GM EV1 almost make s

Tech Digest says it's time to revive the Sinclair C5

The European tech blog Tech Digest saw fit to name the top 10 gadgets that are due for a revival. The Apple Newton and Etch-a-Sketch were mentioned but at Number 10 was the Sinclair C5. About 12,000 of these 3-wheeled electrified shopping carts were built in 1985. Before the year's end the company was out of business. Rightly so, it could be considered a forerunner to the Segway but the edito