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What you're looking at is a 1985 photo of the Sinclair C5, a titchy electrically motivated trike of which 12,000(!) were reportedly sold. We stumbled across this gem of an image, and after your enthusiastic response to yesterday's Roller at Wal-Mart snapshot (over 200 captions at last count), we've decided to go to the well again.

There's obviously something in the air lately. It seems just about everybody is trying to find a way to strap a jet engine to themselves or their car. A VW New Beetle, Toyota MR2 or GM EV1 almost make sense compared to other recent projects. The port-o-potty and the go-kart come to mind. Placing a jet engine in this formerly electric-powered trike, however, is just insane. Granted, it's just a tiny jet, but still.

The European tech blog Tech Digest saw fit to name the top 10 gadgets that are due for a revival. The Apple Newton and Etch-a-Sketch were mentioned but at Number 10 was the Sinclair C5. About 12,000 of these 3-wheeled electrified shopping carts were built in 1985. Before the year's end the company was out of business. Rightly so, it could be considered a forerunner to the Segway but the editors at Tech Digest think it could be brought back as a solar-powered vehicle. The original Sinclair used a