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Allstate adds 'Watch For Motorcycles' signs in more than 30 cities

You might question whether a diamond-shaped yellow sign will make drivers keep an extra eye out for motorcyclists, but if it saves a life, who's to argue?

LA police stymied by do-it-yourself parking bans

Finding a good parking spot on the public beaches of Malibu, California is difficult enough, and area residents are making it much harder. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Malibu residents are planting fake 'no parking' signs up and down the Pacific Coast Highway. The many signs sometimes look good enough to fool even law enforcement, but other times the illegal signs are nothing more than a cheap mock-up on a four-foot post.

Danger, Zombies Ahead: Programmable road signs get hacked

What do you get when you combine a public broadcasting medium, simple data entry and a student from MIT? You get things like the road safety sign above, which was probably a caution for altered driving conditions, but now warns of the living dead.

Jeremy Clarkson wins: UK reviewing all traffic signs

Clarkson has a thing against roadside signs in the UK: namely, that a great many of them are stupid, and he wants the government to get rid of them. Turns out that Britain's Department for Transportation (DfT) might agree with him, but first they're going to review all the signs in Britain to see how they can make things better. It will be the largest review of signage in 40 years.

Parking garage signage depends on your perspective

Click the image above for a gallery of Axel Peemoeller's 3-D signage

Audi tees off Toronto residents with botched TT ads

Audi apparently thought it could pull one over on the residents of Toronto, but it got caught. The automaker from Ingolstadt applied for a permit from the Film and Television Office of Toronto to shoot a commercial that would allow it to place double "T" statues that measure six feet high and fifteen feet long all over the city for a period of three da