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The Sierra Club has set up a mileage calculator on their website that purports to tell users how much their mileage would improve if fuel economy requirements were updated and carmakers put all the technology that's currently available on their cars. While this seems like a good idea for showing people how much they would save under the new rules the reality is somewhat flawed.

Here at AutoblogGreen, we try our best to bring you the latest in green automotive news. But what about right now... what if you want to do your best with your current situation. I can certainly understand that, as I would love to own the latest, most fuel-efficient vehicle around, too, but economics dictate that I can't just go out right this minute and spend $20,000 on a new Prius, or more on a Tesla or full electric SUT, like the Phoenix we featured yesterday.

"Out of Balance" is a short film that addresses ExxonMobil's impact on the climate and how the company influences governments and media. The filmmakers have recently posted a two-and-one-half minute trailer on their website and have announced that the movie has been accepted by the Sierra Club Energy Film Festival. As each festival hits a city, expert panelists will also be available for comments.The movie interviews numerous scientists and draws footage from Greenpeace and Union of Concerned Sc

The Toyota Prius was tops on the EPA's annual list of best and worst fuel efficient vehicles. In fact, imports took all but two of the top-10 spots and hybrids accounted for half.

This issue is extremely complex; however, a few recent articles are worth reading if interested.

Does the Clean Air Act give the EPA power to regulate greenhouse gases? If so, can the EPA avoid exercising that authority simply because it doesn't want to? These are the two primary questions David Bookbinder, senior attorney for the Sierra Club, wants the U.S. Supreme Court to answer when Massachusetts v. EPA goes to trial in December.