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The company is also taking over GE's charging network.

The world's biggest charging network is getting bigger.


Bosch, Siemens, AAA, and Jaguar Land Rover to help Techstars accelerate mobility startups.

Mighty AI will also open a Detroit office in the Techstars Mobility space.


Marcus Welz, CEO of Siemens Intelligent Traffic Systems, says autonomous cars won't be safe unless we upgrade our infrastructure.

Did Siemens Skullduggery Scuttle Pipistrel Attempt

Airbus has plans to be the first to cross the English channel in a battery-powered airplane, but was there behind-the-scene subterfuge?


Can Lower EV Charging Cost By Up To 45 Percent, Siemens Says

A new wi-fi EV charger from Siemens called the VersiCharge SG talks to your utility and your car and phone so you can get the lowest possible cost as you charge your EV.


San Francisco Bay Area readers, or anyone who has ridden (or driven behind) Muni buses, are more than familiar with the concept of electric-powered commercial vehicles getting energy through a roof-mounted apparatus connected to wires. Now, Sweden-based Scania and German company Siemens are partnering on a similar technology that would be used by commercial trucks on Sweden's highways.


Local Motors and its team of online community members are hard at work refining the Rally Fighter for 2012, and the list of changes for the new model year have officially been announced here at SEMA.


Kevin Day is a Nissan Leaf owner. And this is his story.

Swedish automaker Volvo has teamed up with German engineering conglomerate Siemens to jointly advance the development of electric vehicles through an extensive strategic cooperation that will focus on electrical drive technology, electronics and vehicle charging units.

German firm Siemens has received a major order for its recently launched 22-kW Charge CP700A plug-in vehicle charging station. The order comes from Portugal as part of the nation's Mobi.E electric-mobility consortium.

Siemens, along with Diamond Aircraft and EADS, have built a custom aircraft equipped with a series hybrid propulsion system. The trio unveiled the two-seat airplane, dubbed the DA36 E-Star, at the 2011 Paris Air Show in late June. Siemens says the aircraft's revolutionary series hybrid technology cuts fuel consumption and emissions by 25 percent, compared to today's most fuel-efficient airplane propulsion systems.

At Hannover Messe 2011, the world's "foremost technology event," Siemens presented one of its projects called "Contactless Charging of Battery-Electric Vehicles." Developed in conjunction with BMW, Siemens' inductive charging system will be tested under real-world conditions by the German Environment Ministry in the city of Berlin beginning this June.

Siemens is readying the launch of its 22 kW Charge CP700A plug-in vehicle charger in Europe. The German firm claims that the CP700A can charge up a typical electric car's battery pack to full capacity in less than 60 minutes.

Warsaw's metro system is going green in 2012. That's when the city will introduce new subway cars, dubbed the Siemens Inspiro, that will be 97.5 percent recyclable. Not only that, but the system will also be more energy efficient. The "weight optimized chassis" will be built out of aluminum, making these cars much lighter than the city's regular rail cars and reducing energy consumption.

Siemens AG, Europe's largest engineering company, is reportedly close to inking an electric vehicle infrastructure deal with an undisclosed city in China. The engineering firm is said to be in talks with several Chinese cities – including Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chongqing – and is aiming to supply at least one of the aforementioned cities with customized charging stations.

Siemens Energy, Inc.has launched a lineup of electric vehicle charging station that include residential, commercial and integrated smart grid systems equipped with Coulomb's ChargePoint networking capabilities. The lineup of chargers includes wall-mountable Level II residential units and multi-level (Level I and Level II) commercial chargers. The company's wall-mountable residential system features a 7.2-kW single-output configuration, while the multi-level commercial units are outfitted with bo

Anyone that's ever tried to get divergent computer systems to play nice knows that it's not a trivial matter. And when two automakers come together, getting everyone on the same page is both enormously difficult and critically important if the enterprise is to succeed. Chrysler is all too familiar with lackluster enterprises thanks to failed marriage to Daimler, and with it's recent Italian tie-up, the (software) language barrier could cause some problems.