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Batteries are usually the focus of technological advances when it comes to electric vehicles, but a new product announcement by Mitsubishi Electric reminds us that is not the only EV element that can be improved. The company has unveiled a new motor design that integrates the inverter – the electronics that regulate the flow of electricity between battery pack and motor – reducing the footprint of the drivetrain and freeing up space in a vehicle's architecture for passenger and cargo

Nissan has announced the development of the first inverter using SiC (Silicon Carbide) diodes for vehicle use. These inverters were first tried on a Nissan X-Trail FCV. According to Nissan, inverters on electric-powered vehicles control the electricity coming from the power source, and their size has often set limitations on vehicle layout. The newly developed inverter is made from SiC diodes and is used with a new Heterojunction Diode (HJD) structure (a diode structure using both SiC diodes and

There's something I love about the smack-your-face obviousness of the first tip in the Australian Government's Green Vehicle Guide: "Minimise [sic] your vehicle use". This tip can be used by anyone anywhere, and there is no other advice that will result in a more dramatic reduction in fuel usage. Good on 'em for realizing and promoting this.