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Kickin' it: Lexus, John Elliott turn Nike Air Force 1 into fashion tires

The all-white tires debuted on a UX

The all-white tires debuted on a UX.

Superbike-inspired Nike Air Jordan IV Motorsport sneakers going back into production

Yes, Michael Jordan owned a Superbike team.

The shoes were sold to commemorate the team's fourth anniversary.

Piloti back on track with new owner Canadian Tire, new shoes

A longtime favorite of racing drivers, enthusiasts and automotive journalists alike, Piloti emerged in 1999 to provide a unique line of driving shoes for both on-track use and off. Yet despite their popularity in the automotive marketplace, the brand disappeared a couple of years ago after the economy tanked. Enthusiasts didn't stop asking for them, though, and now Piloti is back with new owners and a lineup including some of our favorite

Aston Martin teams with John Lobb for special driving shoes

The right occasion calls for the right footwear. Aston Martin figures its customers should have the right shoes to drive their GTs, so the British automaker has collaborated with the shoemakers at John Lobb on a special collection of driving shoes.

Energy-Harvesting Shoes Capture Watts As You Walk

The shoes shown above don't necessarily harvest energy, but they do harvest early-90s nostalgia (YouTube)

Citroën puts its foot down with DS3 Racing shoes

Power is nothing without control. That's what Pirelli told us with the famous image of the sprinter in the high-heeled shoes a couple of decades ago. And they were right. Because while some have been known to drive supercars in flip-flops, any racing driver will tell you that you need a proper pair of driving shoes to drive a performance vehicle properly. Which is why we've seen so many automakers offering their own line of driving shoes to go with their cars. And the latest is Noah Joseph

Everybody Run: Nike Hyperdunks for Aston Martin and Kobe Bryant

Nike Hyperdunk Kobe Bryant Aston Martin Edition – Click above for image gallery

Advantage, Michelin: Tennis shoes wear car rubber

Click above for a gallery of the Babolat Propulse 2 with Michelin rubber

In the Autoblog Garage Closet: Michelin MXV4 driving shoes

After making tires for more than 110 years, we guess the folks over at Michelin got bored one day and started looking at what else was made of rubber. We can imagine what products might have been considered, but as fun as Michelin-branded, tire-tread imitating prophylactics might have been, more sensible heads prevailed, and Bibendum will be touting his own line of shoes soon.

Sheila Driving Shoe makes high-heel and toeing a reality

As a male, I can't begin to imagine the many hardships that go along with being a woman. Under-wire bras, various forms of painful hair removal, and uncomfortable shoes are just a few of the things many women endure to fit our culture's current definition of beau