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VIDEO: Shelby GT-H Convertible unveiling & auction

We described the scene to you earlier, and now you can see everything unfold as it happened. We are, of course, talking about the big reveal of the new Shelby GT-H Convertible down at Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach, along with the immediate sale of the rights to car #001. It's all here, from the covered car being driven onstage, to the extra salesmanship by Ford's Mark F

eBay find of the day: '06 Shelby GT-H owned by Hertz exec

You know the slogan and the TV commercials: "you can get 'it' on eBay." Well, damned if it isn't true, because a Newark, NJ car dealer has an '06 Shelby GT-H with just 4,000-odd miles on it listed at the online auction house. According to the item description, the car (VIN 1ZVFT82H365226495 / CSM No. O6H0037) was driven by a Hertz exec

SEMA: Shelby GT-H Convertible concept

Shelby Automobiles was on hand at SEMA to show off a suite of new appearance and performance add-ons that they'll be making available to Mustang owners in early 2007. Shelby is headquartered in Vegas, so their cars simply had to make a quick local run over to the show, where they appeared as part of American Racing's display (American Racing offers a line of Shelby wheels).

Retail version of Shelby GT-H approved!

Automotive News has revealed that the third Shelby Mustang in Ford's pony car corral will be a retail version of the Hertz Shelby GT-H rent-a-racer called the Shelby GT. The car will be a 2007 model and production will be at least a few thousand. No word if the Shelby GT will differ from the rental car in any way, either visually or mechanically.

Shelby GT-H flies off the block for $250K

Well, it looks like the market's been set for the Shelby GT-H.