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The hits just keep on coming for the embattled Shelby American Automobile Club. News has quieted down about the contention between Caroll Shelby and the SAAC just in time for Ken Eber, the club's national director, to steer the organization right into another lawsuit. This time, it's New Jersey Motorsports Park suing to recover nearly $116,000 it's been owed since last August. Both parties are trying to work the issue out, but Eber's assertion that the club has reached a verbal agreement on the

From the bible of the collector car world comes a cautionary tale of a stolen Shelby and a good lesson in caveat emptor. John Draneas of Collector Car Market recounts the story of a 1965 Shelby GT350 that was stolen back in 1979. The insurance company paid the owner $6500 and the vehicle was never seen from again. Well, not with its original serial number at any rate. While running a cursory check of eBay, Shelby American Automobile Club Registrar Howard Pardee came across a nice looking '65 GT3