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RideScout, GlobeSherpa are now part of Moovel North America.

Mercedes-Benz parent brings Moovel ride-sharing division to the US buy acquiring two startups.


ABI Research predicts 400M users by 2030.

By 2030, 400 million people could be relying on robotic carsharing services to summon driverless cars to their doors.


Audi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) and General Electric are getting together to study something that won't likely be thrilling for New York City cab drivers. But there are bigger fish to fry and keeping cabbies happy.

A few weeks ago, we saw Paris announce its Autolib car sharing program, and now Hamburg, Germany is going to get a similar program. Daimler and Europcar has announced a joint venture, Car2go Hamburg GmbH – an expansion of Daimler's Car2go services in Ulm, Germany and Austin, TX – will launch in the spring of 2011. The fleet will initially consist of 300 Smart Fortwo Car2go edition models outfitted with carsharing telematics and a solar roof and will be expanded based on demand.

car2go, Daimler's car sharing program that has been operating in Ulm, Germany, has announced that it has added the State of Texas to its pilot program. Under the pilot program, state employees will have access to the car sharing network as well as special reserved parking spaces at the Capitol Complex.

What's better: everyone owning their own car (which sits unused for 22 hours a day) or everyone having access to a car any time they need one? As you might suspect, this slightly loaded question is easy to answer for car sharing site Zipcar and ride sharing site GoLoco founder Robin Chase. In fast, Chase is a big fan of sharing in general. In a recent interview with Eric Steuer over at GOOD, Chase discusses that the sharing model is a benefit to society and not just the sharers themselves. "Ther