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What you see here is an ambulance. It's based on the Sharan, a van Volkswagen offers in certain overseas markets. We shall therefore call it the Sharanbulance.

Seat Alhambra – Click above for high-res image gallery

The BlueMotion moniker is the denomination that Volkswagen gives to its low CO2-producing models. Such a label might not seem appropriate for a 7-seat minivan, but that didn't stop the Sharan BlueMotion from making its introduction at Geneva in February. Now, the Sharan BlueMotion is on sale in Germany. The BlueMotion designation means CO2 emissions of 159g/km compared to the 177g/km from the regular model. Average fuel consumption of the new van is 6 l/100 km (38mpg U.S.) which is quite impress

Please, let it be so. The current chromed snout on VWs offerings is not only beastly to look at, it doesn't help Audi's cars stand apart, either. We suppose that cuts both ways -- VW probably benefits by a familial resemblance to their cousins. However, the front end on the upcoming Sharan/Touran twins looks to hint at the future face of Volkswagen, we hope.

There's a whole class of small minivans over in Europe that we miss out on here in the US. Ford's got the great new S-Max, and Volkswagen's working on bringing a new version of its Sharan to market.

There aren't many LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) vehicles in the news these days, what with the focus on biofuels and hybrids, but Volkswagen is introducing an LPG version of its Sharan in Europe anyway. Volkswagen says the Sharan LPG will recoup the extra costs incurred at purchase after driving 35,000 km and that the car emits 15 percent less CO2 than the standard gasoline (petrol) version. The car actually can be run as a petrol car, since it is actually a bi-fuel drive system vehicle. The liquid

In a bid to rationalize its vehicle lineup and control costs, Volkswagen's British outpost is taking a massive axe to its range, culling dozens of models and options from its order books. With in excess of 10,000 different build combinations and pressures to streamline their operations, VW has resorted to nixing entire trim levels, colors, options in an effort to simplify its offerings.

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