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Automotive X-Prize Knockout Stage – Click above for high-res image gallery

The Automotive X-Prize's Shakedown Stage is now history, sort of. Two teams – TW4XP from Germany and K-Way MOTUS from Italy – have been rescheduled to compete in the Shakedown Stage tests on June 16-18 because both teams could not make it to Michigan thanks to that Icelandic volcano. But that's not everything that's left uncompleted. Four teams – the Cornell 100+ MPG Team, Illuminati Motor Works, Team EVI and FVT Racing – got what is being called a "conditional" pass, whi

The Progressive Automotive X-Prize has been underway for some time now but finally, the hyper-efficient rubber is meeting the race track. The twenty-eight remaining teams spent the weekend making their way to Michigan where they will begin the week-long "Shakedown Stage." There, the entrants will undergo a safety inspection and "on-track dynamic safety evaluations" that include, among other things, braking speed, lane changing ability and acceleration. The tests are only meant to prepare the veh