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PSA: Danica Patrick prefers being called "pretty" rather than "sexy"

As Danica Patrick prepares for her first NASCAR Sprint Cup race next weekend in the Daytona 500, she's apparently taking advantage of the publicity to try to remediate her image. After seven years of promoting her attractiveness with nearly equal billing to her race driving acumen, Patrick has asked the media to quit calling her "se

Are the cars on this Top Ten really the ones that turn men's heads?

Well, Evecars certainly be accused of thinking green with their latest Top Ten list, which they think marks the "Ten sexiest cars to turn men's heads." Following a poll of "a cross-section of men," the website thinks that a woman driving a Mercedes-Benz SL Roadster (pictured) would be the sexiest. Of the entire batch of ten cars (see it after the jump), only the Fiat 500 could qualify as a green car, and Evecars doesn't specify if it's the old or new version

UK scientist: Young women can fight global warming by realizing Ferraris don't make a guy sexy

How can young women fight global warming? According to a chief scientist for the British government, Professor Sir David King, they can help out by no longer thinking guys that drive Ferraris