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Jeep and Ram diesel owners get $3,075 in lawsuit settlement

Judge approves $800 million from FCA in diesel emissions suit

Judge approves $800 million from FCA in diesel emissions suit.

Uber and family of autonomous vehicle victim reach settlement

Neither side will comment further on the accident

The family of a woman killed by an Uber Technologies Inc self-driving vehicle in Arizona has reached a settlement with the ride services company, ending a potential legal battle over the first fatality caused by an autonomous vehicle.

Judge rejects Uber $3 million settlement with New York drivers

Drivers had accused Uber of accounting improperly for sales taxes and a "Black Car Fund" fee, increasing the amounts owed.

"We anticipate refiling our motion early this week."

Volkswagen, Bosch reach diesel settlement worth $1.6 billion

This latest settlement will cost VW $1.2 billion alone.

VW will either fix or buy back about 78,000 Volkswagens, Audis, and Porsches with V6 diesel engines.

Tesla settles Model S P85D horsepower lawsuit in Norway

This time, 467 and 224 don't add up to 691.

Owners can get money or vehicle upgrades.

Hyperloop One settles lawsuit with former employees

Not that things look particularly easy moving forward...

Dirty diesel owners can now get buyback money from VW, Audi

Judge approves $14.7-billion settlement in TDI cheating case.

One step at a time.

Nissan: $2B in VW diesel settlement for EV infrastructure could be a boon for all (except hydrogen)

28 companies warned the DOJ last month that the money could upset the apple cart.

Here comes the cash.

Another diesel scandal, but smaller this time

Detroit Diesel will spend over $28M to clean up NOx other pollutants.

The fine is equivalent to $3,660 per uncertified diesel engine.

VW offers US dealers a $1.21 billion over diesel scandal

That works out to an average of $1.85 million per dealer.

How does that sound?

Volkswagen vows to fix affected diesels in Europe by 2017, EU claims

The fix is only for cars in Europe.

European diesel owners are finally get their cars fixed.

Almost half of VW TDI owners have already agreed to settle

Of the 475,000 affected vehicles, 210,000 owners have signed up.

Are you included?

Harley will pay a $15 million fine over engine tuners that defeat emissions controls

Harley disagrees with the EPA, saying its Screamin' Eagle Pro Super Tuner was sold for off-road use only.

US DOJ uncovers proof of wrongdoing in VW diesel case

Justice Department and VW holding settlement talks.

Things just keep getting worse for VW.

VW diesel scandal settlement FAQ: The dirty details, cleaned up

You've got Qs, we've got As.

The $15 billion settlement in the VW diesel scandal has a lot of ins and outs. Here's a simple explanation of what's happening.

VW diesel settlement could cost up to $14.7 billion

Customer buy back is one option, as is fixing the dirty cars. But VW has yet to show it can fix them.

The EPA and VW announced a settlement in the diesel scandal that could cost the company almost $15 billion.

Uber settlement protects travel with your guide dog

Need to get somewhere with your guide dog? Now you can call an Uber.

Uber settles suit with 385k drivers for $100 million

Uber drivers will continue as independent contractors rather than employees.

The 385,000 Uber drivers are from California and Massachusetts, and those driven more than 25,000 miles might get $8,000.

Paul Walker's daughter settles for $10m in crash lawsuit

Meadow Walker, daughter of the late Paul Walker, has agreed to a settlement with the estate of Roger Rodas worth $10.1 million.

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