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Waymo’s self-driving vehicles have now logged 10 million miles

Here's what's planned for the next 10 million

Here's what's planned for the next 10 million

How Lincoln could make itself special again

Ford's luxury division should start a service business and turn its brand identity into an exclusive club.

Lincoln already offers luxury service unrelated to its cars. It should do more of that.

Lyft's monthly passes lower the cost of your carpooling

The experiment is more affordable than paying for rides one at a time.

Make sure to read the fine print.

Toyota's data-focused company aims to make cars smarter

The automaker plans to develop "predictive, contextual, and intuitive services" that aim to making the technology you use while driving less intrusive.

Vallie offers to charge your EV before parking it in London

More Than A Parking App

If you drive an EV in London, then you can get a scooter-riding valet parking assistant to come meet you and whisk your car away for an easy charge.

Elon Musk backs future OpenAI initiative

Elon Musk joins with others in the tech community to donate $1B to create an open source AI project.