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Getting better efficiency out of a bus than a Smart fortwo is no easy task. However that's what the latest startup to emerge out of Silicon Valley is claiming. Adura Systems has announced that its new MESA powertrain architecture using lots of claims and buzzwords but little in the way of actual details. The heart of the system appears to be modularity, although it's not really apparent what the innovation is here. All such systems contain some degree of modularity. The company is claiming it ca

At this point, hybrid buses really aren't anything new. Anyone living in a city with a bus system of any size has probably seen or ridden on a hybrid bus at some point. Most of the thousands of hybrid transit buses in service today are of the parallel variety similar in architecture to the Toyota Prius. Dutch firm e-Traction has developed a series hybrid bus using wheel motors. The system uses an engine driving a generator to produce electricity for a battery that powers the motors.