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Dash-cam video shows near miss between semi, child

Proof that technology can save lives.

Proof that technology can save lives.

Ryder, Embark deliver fridges with semi-autonomous semi trucks

The partners want to increase efficiency and safety.

Automation could help alleviate the trucking industry's "workforce problem."

Elon Musk says Tesla semi reveal will 'blow your mind clear out of your skull'

Alternate dimensions and portal guns: Thursday will be epic.

Minds blown, alternate dimensions and portal guns: Thursday will be epic.

Trump executive order holding up semi truck safety rules

Limiters were supported by truckers and safety agencies.

Watch Toyota's Project Portal hydrogen fuel cell truck drag race a diesel semi

As a showcase for future technology, Project Portal looks promising.

Trucker cat rides 400 miles the hard way

Percy disappeared in Ohio and reappeared in Indiana.

Percy the cat had to endure a 400-mile ride beneath the truck.

Big rig gets blown over on Wyoming freeway, flattens police cruiser

A big rig navigating a stretch of windy Wyoming highway last week was blown over by high winds and landed on a Wyoming Highway Patrol cruiser.

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Nikola One Zero-Emission Semi Truck Unveiled | Autoblog Minute

Nikola Motor Company unveiled the zero-emission semi truck. Delivery of the first trucks expected in 2020.

Amazon's new Snowmobile collects data instead of blasting through powder

This package doesn't come in a cardboard box.

This is far more than just simply backing up your hard drive.

Nikola One hydrogen-electric semi truck teased before tonight's unveiling

Here's a bit of the front end.

Want to see more? You'll have to wait.

Toyota to test hydrogen fuel-cell technology in semi-truck project

Somewhere in California, something is happening.

Toyota's is looking forward, we just can't see the entire picture.

Trucker with two phones may be the most distracted driver we've ever seen

A truck driver in England was caught on camera using two cell phones while driving with his forearm.

Toyota is enthusiastic about large fuel cell vehicles (think semi trucks)

Or buses, or cargo trucks, or vans.

Zero emissions could meet large vehicles with Toyota tech, some day.

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Nikola Motors ditches battery-powered semi, looks to hydrogen

It's sort of like a magic trick. Now you see it, now you don't.

Say what, now?

The government has an unexpected ally in 68 mph truck speed limit push

The proposed speed limit could save over $1 billion in fuel each year.

Volvo's 2,400-hp semi is the quickest truck in the world

The Iron Knight set two speed records.

This massive semi would embarrass some sports cars.

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