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It's an advanced, design-forward autonomous vehicle that isn't half-bad looking.

It's a design-forward autonomous vehicle that isn't half-bad looking.

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Why have self-driving cars, when you can have self-flying cars?


The division is looking to expand in both staff and real estate.


This patent may have been filed before the accident, but it was granted just after.

Google was granted a patent for bus detection on autonomous vehicles, which comes just weeks after one the company's driverless models hit a transit bus. The company filed for the patent well before the crash, though.


Autonomous-mode accident involving bus came shortly after software update.

An effort to make its self-driving cars behave more like human drivers may have contributed to a collision between one of Google's self-driving cars and a public-transit bus last month.


One critic urges drivers to look past 'glitzy spin,' of CES and place restraints on self-driving technology.


Volvo And Nvidia Launch Supercomputer Pilot Program In Sweden

A new super computing platform speeds processing times 10 times over, potentially paving the way for self-driving cars to arrive sooner than anticipated.


If Projections Are Correct, Auto Industry Would Be Gutted

Car-sharing services and self-driving vehicles could combine to decimate the U.S. auto industry over the next quarter-century.


Data From Autonomous Vehicles Could Convey Sensitive Information

Google acknowledged its self-driving cars have been involved in 11 car accidents. But data privacy concerns may be the bigger issue with autonomous vehicles.


Four of the nearly 50 self-driving cars now rolling around the California have gotten into accidents since September, when the state began issuing permits for companies to test them on public roads.

Driverless vehicles could cause insurance rates to plummet

Who is responsible when a self-driving car is involved in a crash? That question has been on a lot of car insurers minds, and a new study from the RAND corporation shows they have every reason for concern.

A semi-autonomous system for freeways will be an option on an unidentified new 2017 Cadillac

Cars that can talk to each other and almost drive themselves at freeway speeds are just two years away from the showroom, according to General Motors executives.

Self-driving cars can't handle potholes, bad weather, says new report

Google's self-driving car is being heralded as a massive step forward for automotive technology, but a computer-guided victory lap might be premature.

The solution could lie in another emerging technology

Unintended consequences abound when it comes to emerging technology, and self-driving cars are no exception.


Females Surveyed Also Have Greater Safety Concerns

Drivers are intrigued by the benefits of self-driving cars, but they remain concerned about the safety and cost such vehicles could introduce into the marketplace, according to a study published by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute in late July.

Government agency details possible negative consequences of new technology

The Guardian in Britain recently gained access to an unclassified report from the FBI that basically brainstorms potentially nefarious uses for self-driving cars.

The pricey system is only available on certain cars

A new startup called 'Cruise' has developed a system that incorporates sensors, actuators and a small computer to take over some of the driving functions for certain commercially available cars.

Travelers can use smartphone app to call robot to park their cars, bring them back

Plane to catch and don't feel like hunting for parking? Travelers at Duesseldorf airport in Germany can soon leave the job to a robot valet.

Tech giant hopes to have 100 prototypes on public roads this time next year

Google will build a car without a steering wheel. It doesn't need one because it drives itself.

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