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What the heck is a Fiat BTM? That was the question on everybody's lips – ours included – when the news broke of comedian Jerry Seinfeld flipping a 1967 Fiat last week. The car was reported as a Fiat BTM, but nobody had any idea what a Fiat BTM is. Which makes sense, because such a car never existed. A note from Jean Jennings, editor of Automobile magazine, clears up the confusion.

News is just now surfacing that comedian Jerry Seinfeld flipped his 1967 Fiat BTM on Saturday in New York when the classic car's brakes failed. The funny man surely wasn't laughing when the brake pedal stopped responding, so he swerved to avoid the heavily trafficked Montauk Highway, causing the car to flip and come to stop before the intersection. Police credit Seinfeld with avoiding a very serious accident thanks to his split-second decision, and the ever joking ex-TV star said this about the