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Segway transporters hold a special place on our site as technologically advanced electric two-wheelers available all over the world. While the Segway's usefulness as a transportation device is often scrutinized, the zero-emissions status of the self-balancing little machine is not up for debate. Now, the Segway i2 even comes painted in the right color: green. Specifically, the chosen hue is known as "Metallic Sage." Apparently, just calling it green doesn't do the new shade justice, as Segway re

What would you expect from a Ferrari-branded Segway? Quick acceleration, fast top-speeds, excellent handling and good looks come to mind. Depending on your point of view (and personal opinion) at least one of those points has been addressed with the aforementioned Ferrari/Segway tie-up. In our opinions, the Ferrari-way looks pretty good, with nice detailing in place to let the world know that this is no ordinary Segway. Appropriately colored racing-red, the machine features the official Scuderia