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Segway on its last legs?

The Segway may be many things, but a sales success it is not. When the little machine was first announced, its inventor, Dean Kamen, proclaimed that it would relegate the car to horse and buggy status. Reality hasn't been quite so kind, and its future looks to be in question as Kamen is contemplating whether or not to Jeremy Korzeniewski

Expect to see more mall security on the Segway

Simon Property Group, a company that provides security solutions to corporations all over the U.S., has announced that it is rolling out Segway i2s to its entire fleet of shopping mall security guards. The latest purchase will make Simon's fleet of 225 Segways the largest in the world. Apparently, the mounted security guards have been a hit with pedestrians, which provides "social interaction" that would otherwise be impossible and allows the security guards to do a better job of keeping the pea

Segway i2 is now green for real

Segway transporters hold a special place on our site as technologically advanced electric two-wheelers available all over the world. While the Segway's usefulness as a transportation device is often scrutinized, the zero-emissions status of the self-balancing little machine is not up for debate. Now, the Segway i2 even comes painted in the right color: green. Sp

Ferrari branded Segway... when the i2 is just not exclusive enough

What would you expect from a Ferrari-branded Segway? Quick acceleration, fast top-speeds, excellent handling and good looks come to mind. Depending on your point of view (and personal opinion) at least one of those points has been addressed with the aforementioned Ferrari/Segway tie-up. In our opinions, the Ferrari-way looks pretty good, with nice detailing in place to let the world know that this is no ordinary Segway. Appropriately colored racing-red, the machine features the official Scuderia