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The Segway may be many things, but a sales success it is not. When the little machine was first announced, its inventor, Dean Kamen, proclaimed that it would relegate the car to horse and buggy status. Reality hasn't been quite so kind, and its future looks to be in question as Kamen is contemplating whether or not to finally call it quits. None of this is to say that the Segway is a poor product, as the truth is quite the opposite. We firmly believe that it's often unnecessary to jump in a two

Do you remember life before the Segway? Of course, but you probably also remember the Segway hype machine as it was in full swing, before the public even knew what it was, the media in general was touting "it" as a life-changing invention, and many bought into the hype just to be let down when they found out what it was, and how much it cost. I can't help but think that the Segway Human Transporter would have been better received if the hype surrounding it were less intense. Sure, everybody knew