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Who'da thunk a Segway could catch a stolen Mercedes in a chase? I guess it helps if the three suspected thieves are incredibly poor drivers who crash into a pole after just a few blocks. Their poor driving skills (inflated, no doubt, by being chased by a Segway) allowed officer Jose Miguez to keep the car in sight in Long Beach last week.

The New York City Police Department bought ten Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) today, the first of these two-wheeled electric vehicles purchased by the City of New York. The popular tourist areas Central Park and Coney Island, as well as other city parks and beaches, are the likely targets for the Segways, which are the new i2 models that can go 12.5 mph, carry 260 pounds and have a range of 24 miles. They cost $5,660 a piece and the police version can be equipped with sirens.