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Buick admits to teasing us with Tiger vid

I guess we can bill this as Update 2. We just showed you the video of Tiger Woods and the new Enclave and speculated that this "hidden cam" vid might be a fake. Not rocket science to figure that out, but until we had confirmation, we didn't want to call BS on GM. Well, they just called BS on themselves.

Pontiac buying property in Second Life

Pontiac is set to become the first major automaker to establish a presence in Second Life. Second Life, in case you aren't familiar, is that privately-owned, partly subscription-based 3-D virtual world, set up by Linden Lab, that allows residents to live a double digital life free from the constraints of the corporeal. There's no real aim or objective in the game except to go about living, which has led participants to do just that and set up a virtual econo