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It's Friday! EVcast vs. the New York Auto Show

The New York International Auto Show has been going on this week and it appears that AutoblogGreen was not the only media on hand with an interest in checking out the latest in environmentally-friendlier vehicles. Bo Bennett and Ryan Levesque from the EVcast, a podcast about electric vehicles (EVs), somehow made it past security and, armed with a video camera, proceeded to wreak mayhem across the length and breadth of the show floor. Compared by many (OK, maybe just me) to those MTV sock puppets

ABG on the radio (look, it's a shameless plug)

About a month ago, I was a guest on the New York-based radio show The Lazy Environmentalist. While this show is broadcast on the Sirius satellite radio network (that means you've gotta pay for it), Josh Dorfman, the host, and his staff were kind enough to send me MP3 copies of the show, maybe because I forgave them for saying I write for GreenAutoBlog. They also gave us permission to share them with you. How do you like that, I get to share my own voice. Strange.

Ford's latest press release touts greener cars and, well, just read...

Is there an echo in here, or is that just the shameless self-promotion I'm hearing?

USPS to use digital maps to find more efficient delivery routes

I'm not entirely sure just how much our editor Sebastian will like this general comparison, but when discussing transportation and energy issues both he and the somewhat controversial environmentalist George Monbiot like to say that despite all of the advances in alternative energy sources, there is simply no substitute for minimizing your vehicle/energy usage. In that vein, the United States Postal Service will be implementing a new digital map system to calculate more efficient delivery routes

A bit of a green-tinged rant on personal responsibilities

Yesterday I was in line at the post office, running out to attend to some errands between posts. Since my mind was on AutoblogGreen content, and this was no ordinary post office, I noticed a few things. Before I get to my mini-rant, let me say that the post office I was at is just a drive-through window. It's a full-featured office, sure, but there's no lobby. The entire office works from one window that you hand your mail through and where the nice postal employee hands you your stamps or whate