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Getting biodiesel into your old Mercedes might soon get a whole lot easier, now that national gasoline chain Safeway has introduced B20 to its first station. The Pleasanton, California company decided on a Seattle-area store for the introduction and Mayor Greg Nickels put some into a VW Golf at the grand opening on Wednesday.

Like the nascent hydrogen economy, the biodiesel industry is trying to figure out the best way to move forward. Corn and soy are two of the main feedstocks right now but they're not the most promising for long-term use. As Imperium Renewables president John Plaza told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, these bridge feedstocks need to be used now so we can get a handle on how best to make and use biodiesel.

What ideas are worth buying into? It’s buried down a bit in the text, but this San Francisco Chronicle article makes it clear that technology companies that have bold ideas for green juice are getting funding out of venture capitalists. The paper reports that 172 companies in the Bay Area received $1.9 billion in the first three months of 2006. Some of those new companies mentioned in the article include GreenFuel Technologies (which recycles smokestack emissions), Southwest Windpower (the