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Ever wanted to feel like a dolphin?

Seabreachers are jet powered watercrafts that reach surface speeds of 50 mph and underwater speeds of 20-25 mph. They're capable of diving to depths of 6 feet, carving left or right, and even jumping out of the water. Seabreachers come in 3 trims ranging from 80,000 - 100,000 U.S. dollars. Learn more at seabreacher.com Transcript: Your personal torpedo watercraft. Seabreachers are jet powered watercrafts that speed through water like jet skies. Unlike jet skies, Seabreachers can be operated abo

If you plan to enjoy the various lakes and rivers across the U.S. this summer, look out for the Seabreacher, an entirely new take on personal watercraft. In Translogic 45, Bradley hits the waters of Whiskeytown Lake in Northern California and attempts to master this man-made diving, jumping, motorized shark.