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We all know that Formula One pilots drive their cars to the very edge of their limits. What separates the godlike from the rest of the field of extremely talented drivers, however, is how close they can get to the edge without going over it. Go too far and you crash. Don't go far enough and lose. Michael Schumacher certainly falls into that rare category – tops it, even – of the exceedingly talented and accomplished, but lately, we've begun to wonder if the unprecedented seven-time w

Following yesterday's report that Michael Schumacher had crashed a prototype Ferrari 430 Scuderia on the Nurburgring, some things have come into focus, but little has become any clearer. Ferrari insists that, although Schumi had been driving the car that day, it was actually the factory's road car test driver Raffaele de Simone who was driving when the car hit the guardrail at 250 km/h. Photographs show that the 7-time world champion had been driving the car with his young son Mick – himse