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Officials from the Department of Public Works told the Indianapolis Star that not only is idling bad for the environment, but it's bad business sense, too. As part of a program to get schools to reduce the amount of time their buses sit and idle, the DPW launched a "Smart Schools Don't Idle" plan on Monday. The focus was on cleaning the air that kids breathe, but DPW officials just happened to mention that reducing idling by just ten minutes a day can save $180 a year in gasoline costs.

In the South Bronx, school kids have unusually high rates of asthma. Thanks to a five-year study, we now know it's because diesel trucks spew a lot of soot into the air. The study found that kids had worse asthma on high-traffic days, which is bad news for kids who live in one of the busiest area of New York City. Around 12,000 trucks a day drive through Hunts Point Market alone, the study's authors want us to know. One of the study's principal researchers, George Thurston, Sc.D., who is associa