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The town of Century, Florida may soon be the home of a new electric-car factory. The new company, operating under the name of Project Green Leaf, is said to be investigating a site in Escambia County on which to build a plant to assemble the all-electric Tender Scarlette. Already on sale in France, the Scarlette features four wheel drive (each wheel gets its own motor) and uses lead acid batteries. Although it can reach at least 50 mph, it would likely be limited to 25 mph NEV status on public r

There aren't too many 4WD electric jeep look-a-likes on the market and so when we first told you about the Scarlette there were some obvious questions that would eventually need to be addressed. Would they be on the receiving end of a lawsuit from Jeep? Would anyone even buy it? Why would someone call this Jeep-looking thing the Tender Scarlette? Well, so far as we know, the lawyers at Chrysler haven't sunk their fangs into the small French EV-maker yet, though looking at the losses that company