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Mark your calendars, gearheads. The Special Broadcasting Service in Australia has confirmed that the first episode of Aussie Top Gear will air on Monday, September 29. The show will apparently have a regular slot at 7:30 in the SBS Monday night line-up, featuring all manner of Holdens, Ford Falcons and Elfin roadsters crisscrossing their way across the Outback. All the while co-hosts Charlie Cox, Warren Brown and Steve Pizzati – along with their own Fosters-swilling version of The Stig &nd

All around the world, thousands upon thousands of automotive enthusiasts wait with baited breath, remote controls, YouTube clicks and torrent downloads for new episodes of Top Gear. Some satiate their cravings with Final Gear in the meantime, but as Clarkson and company seek to rebuild the British empire one commercial deal at a time, soon we'll have two new series to keep our interests piqued. Because not only are we getting our own version of Top Gear here in the United States, so our own mate