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SB LiMotive, the 50:50 joint venture between Bosch and Samsung SDI, fired up the lines at its Ulsan, South Korea lithium-ion battery plant back in January of 2011. With massive "volume projects" already in the works, the Korea Times reports that SB LiMotive will, come 2015, double its li-ion battery output in Ulsan. That means that SB LiMotive's facility in South Korea will crank out enough batteries a year to power some 180,000 plug-in vehicles.

SB LiMotive, a joint company of Bosch and Samsung SDI, fired up the lines at its Ulsan, South Korea lithium-ion battery plant back in January, but with more "volume projects" in the works, the Ulsan facility could struggle to pump out enough batteries to meet rising demand.

SB Li Motive, the Bosch Samsung lithium ion battery joint venture, has announced that it will put $409 million into its manufacturing facilities over the next five years. The company has big plans, hoping to grab nearly a third of the automotive battery market by mid-decade. Bosch is the biggest automotive supplier in the world and produces parts for almost every automaker. However, SB LiMotive is competing with quite a few companies in the lithium battery space, many of which are partnered with

BMW is one step closer to getting its upcoming Megacity electric vehicle on the road. According to the German automaker, SB LiMotive, a 50:50 joint venture of Bosch and Samsung SDI, has been officially selected as the battery supplier for the Megacity project. Samsung, which is already a market leader in batteries for personal electronics applications, will reportedly deliver the individual lithium ion battery cells while Bosch will handle the job of assembling these cells into large-scale packs

Cobasys, after being offered for sale by its previous owners for over two years has, finally been sold. Energy conversion Devices and Chevron had jointly owned the battery which supplied the energy storage system for the EV1 (pictured) as well as the nickel metal hydride batteries for GM's mild hybrids. The company is now owned by SB Li Motive which is the battery joint venture formed last year by Bosch and Samsung. SB LiMotive was formed to develop lithium ion batteries for automotive applicati

On Monday September 1, SB Li Motive Co. officially went into business with the goal of producing automotive grade lithium ion batteries by 2011. The company is a joint venture between Bosch and Samsung SDI. Samsung SDI already has experience with consumer electronics batteries and Bosch will work with the Korean company to develop batteries suitable for hybrid and electric vehicles. Bosch is already producing electric drive motors that will be used in the new Mercedes-BMW mild hybrid system that

In a brief press release (which you can find pasted after the jump) Bosch and Samsung have confirmed they have received the green light from German authorities to work on their project to produce lithium-ion batteries. The joint venture, called SB LiMotive Co. Ltd., will start work next month. Their plan is to produce "highly efficient lithium-ion batteries customized to automotive requirements and to market them worldwide from 2011." As we mentioned before, Samsung SDI has been producing lithiu