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GM rejects latest Saab proposal, Swedish Automobile to pursue alternatives

Saab is inching ever closer to liquidation. Reuters reports General Motors will not support a proposed deal that would see the Swedish brand rescued with cash from a Chinese bank. GM has repeatedly cited concerns that any deal with a Chinese partner could conceivably hurt the American automaker's competitiveness in one of the world's quickest growing markets. The fear is that Saab would

Saab fans virtually occupy GM Facebook page

Remember back in your college days when the more extreme among the student activists would stage sit-ins to protest this issue or that? Well, the practice has jumped from the university administration building to cyberspace, and in the process, it's made its way into the automotive sphere.

Saab to appeal court decision on Monday

Yesterday, Saab announced that its request for government protection was denied by a Swedish court, citing that the court feels that the automaker's proposal for a voluntary reorganization would not work. Furthermore, it is unclear to the court whether or not the proposed Steven J. Ewing

Saab request for government protection rejected by Swedish court

Seems that Saab just can't catch a break. Yesterday, the Swedish automaker filed for government protection, citing that if approved, the company would undergo a voluntary reorganization. Now, a court has rejected Saab's application for protection.

Saab owners gather in wintery Detroit, urge GM to sell brand

Sell Saab Rally in Detroit – Click above for high-res gallery