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BMW's equivalent of Deep Throat has divulged a host of information on the marque's coming plans for its premium entry level range incorporating the 1-Series and Z2, and a new line of Y vehicles. According to the mole, Scott26, the 1 will break into three different levels: Traditional, Lifestyle, and Sporting. They will be underpinned by a modular platform that could be differentiated among models and also serve as the basis for the next MINI.

When the X3 launched in 2004 there was no Mercedes GLK or Audi Q5. Now that the other Germans have come with the competition, reports are indicate BMW is moving the launch of the 2010 X3 up to make sure it can compete.

The BMW X1 has been spied doing doing close-ups for some sort of video shoot in Germany.

BMW has been aggressively expanding its vehicle offerings, and like most other automakers, crossovers make up the majority of additions. Earlier this year, team Bimmer added the X6, and with the X1 concept unveiled in Paris, mild-to-wild CUVs seem to be the focus for the boys in Bavaria. Automotive News is reporting that the SAV love will continue next year when BMW unleashes the X4. Design elements are said to come from the larger X6, which is to say that it'll probably look like a really tall

After nearly three years of rumors and speculation, the new jacked-up MINI SAV will finally make its debut, according to Autocar. The Brit pub is reporting that the MINI 'ute is bound for Paris, with an on-sale date sometime in 2010 and sporting a five-door design.

We noticed the Mini was getting a little bigger but we never expected this. Car Magazine has several spy photos of a Mini 4X4 SUV - well, a "lifestyle 4x4" SAV, which means sports activity vehicle, is what the marketing department is going with to hide the fact they are butchering the star brand of small car market. The Mini SAV is based on the Clubman but it's a little taller, has tail lights form an SUV, a new drive train in the rear that makes it all wheel drive and, I almost forget: It's 13

When the X3 dries up, there'll still be a BMW trucklet for the Austrian assembly and engineering firm to bolt together. BMW's MINI brand has been reportedly getting an SAV (BMW parlance for CUV) for a while now, and that prospect looks like it's inching toward reality. Affixing the MINI badge to the pumped-up Clubman (see gallery below) might create a rolling misnomer, but that's supposedly the plan. Code named "Colorado", the ruggedized and raised MINI will be equipped with AWD calibrated for t

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We've already provided you with every diminutive detail about BMW's new full-sized SUV, except one, price.