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Saudi Women Get Behind The Wheel To Protest Driving Ban

Only one woman ticketed during protest

More than 60 women across Saudi Arabia claimed they drove cars Saturday in defiance of a ban keeping them from getting behind the wheel, facing little protest by police in their push for easing restrictions on women in the kingdom.

Driving Likely To Damage Ovaries Says Saudi Cleric

Saudi Arabian women to defy driving ban October 26

A Saudi Arabian cleric told a Saudi news outlet that driving does damage to women's ovaries and pelvises, and that by driving they risk giving birth to children with 'clinical problems.'

Sidewalk Skiing Gaining Notoriety In Saudi Arabia

Footage of drivers drifting on two wheels made the news Thursday

NBC has the 411 on a new crazy driving stunt that all the kids in Saudi Arabia are trying called 'sidewalk skiing'. Also known as 'arab drift' the stunt isn't actually all that new

Top Oil-Producing Country Intends to Focus '100 Percent' On Renewable Energy

Prince says move 'very good for the world'

Saudi Arabia is the world's top producer of oil, extracting approximately 11.6 million barrels every day. The oil takes care of approximately two-thirds of the kingdom's own energy needs and is the lynchpin of the country's lucrative exports.

Punishment For Fatal Accident: Driver Will Be Executed

Authorities will carry out sentence in gruesome fashion

A driver who killed two bystanders while performing a stunt has received a death sentence from Saudi Arabian authorities. The driver, known as Mutannish in court records, will be beheaded.

Geneva 2010: King Saud University Gazal-1 is one whopper of a student project

We went to the wrong school -– Click above for a high-res image gallery

Why did the U.S. grant $2.4 billion for batteries? Independence

President Obama announcing $2.4 billion battery grants - Click above to watch the video after the jump

Saudi government bans "lewd" personalized license plates including: "SEX," "ASS," and... "USA"?!

Saudi Arabia recently instated a new type of license plate that is expected to be fitted to 49 million cars in the kingdom. As opposed to the old Arabic-only plates, the new plates feature Arabic and Latin letters and numbers. Drivers can even request that the three letters on the lower right form certain 3-letter English words, like "nut." But according to the BBC, authorities have published a list words that definitely cannot be placed there, and heading the list of words like "SEX" and "ASS"

Saudi oil minister: you be careful with those dangerous alternative fuels, OK?

Saudi Arabia's oil minister, Ali Al-Naimi, is nervous. Speaking earlier this month, he said that alternative fuels should be called "supplemental" and that "These sources cannot contribute meaningfully to the world's energy mix until they have attained levels of affordability, accessibility, acceptance and sustainability." So far, so good. Kind of dismissive of the biofuels' potential, kind of realistic. But, he went on:

VIDEO: Saudis upset by "racist" Israeli Nissan ad

If you are so insecure in yourself or so proud that you are insulted by every little slight, then you have bigger problems that need to be addressed. Case in point, a new ad being run in Israel by Nissan touting the fuel efficiency of the Tiida (sold here as the Versa). The ad portrays some men who bear a striking resemblance to Saudis physically assaulting a Tiida in response to learning

Saudi Arabia prepares to lift ban on female drivers

If you're of the opinion that the religious right has too much influence on American politics, you should check out Saudi Arabia. The royal family has relied for decades on the support of fundamentalist Wahabi clerics who, in return for their support to the ibn Saud regime, have insisted on ever more stringent laws. Among those measures has been a strict ban prohibiting women from driving that has been in effect for 75 years since the founding of Saudi Arabia in 1932, but the Saudi government

Strange Bedfellows: Lotus helps develop Saudi Arabian green car industry

Considering that around 100% of its gross national product comes from oil, Saudi Arabia wouldn't be your first guess as the location of a burgeoning green car industry. In fact, oil is just about the only industry in this country, though the royal family is interested in establishing Saudi Arabia's own automotive industry. To that end, it's commissioned Lotus and parent company Proton to help build a research, development and test center that can be used by burgeoning Saudi Arabian automakers to

Has Saudi oil production peaked already? 8% decline in 2006

Over at the OilDrum.com there is an interesting and potentially disturbing look at Saudi oil production in 2006. Looking at data from a number or different sources (where the exact numbers vary but the trend is definitely the same), crude oil production in Saudi Arabia dropped eight percent in the past year. Although this is not the first time their output has dipped, one interesting graph shows oil production and the number of drilling rigs operating since 2000. The amount of oil pumped has rem