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President Akio Toyoda says company faces a 'now or never' moment against competitors.

It's "now or never" against the competition, President Akio Toyoda says.


With Plug-In Cars, 40+ MPG Non-Hybrids Available, Why Care About The Aging Icon?

Toyota says the iconic gas-electric hybrid is still important because it provides a preview of how the Mirai fuel cell vehicle will land, in a culture that may not yet be ready for it.


Toyota has a great marketing line when it comes to the power of hybrids: "Toyota estimates its hybrids have saved their owners more than 3 billion gallons of gasoline worldwide compared to gasoline-only powered vehicles." We're not going to quibble with that number – it is impressive – but it did raise some questions. After all, if Toyota is really interested in saving billions of gallons of gas, then shouldn't the company try to improve the bottom, and not worry as much about the to